About Frederick Breedon

Since picking up a camera in 1986, Frederick Breedon IV has become a nationally known and highly sought after photographer & camera operator. Based in Nashville, Tennessee since 1996, when he isn't creating cutting edge photographic images, he spends his time with his wife Angela and daughters Savannah, Rebecca and Christina. His photographs have been used by the Associated Press, People, NBC Universal, Los Angeles Times, ESPN, US Weekly, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Denver Post, Chicago Sun Times, The Boston Globe, The New York Post, In Style, the State of Tennessee, USA Today, MSNBC, The Tennessean, CBS Sportsline, Getty Images, United Press International, the Nashville City Paper, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Nashville Predators, and the Washington Post. He is currently serving as a team photographer for the Nashville Predators as well as the house photographer for Nashville's Bridgestone Arena. Contact Information: 615-554-6062 fbreedon@gmail.com